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These two hour talks give insights, the latest scientific understanding along with universal wisdom, helping you in these areas of life that can have such a big impact on our happiness, health and enjoyment of life.  You can attend with your partner or friend (£6 for both) or on your own (£5 for individual). Details of each talk are further down the page.

Join Bunty a highly experienced trainer and psychotherapist who shares her knowledge and understanding in an engaging and entertaining manner. She has worked with people who are experiencing relationship problems, some suffering from high levels of anxiety and whose sleep has been problematic. For many years she worked predominantly with men, where she has gained great insight and understanding usng the principles of Human Givens Psychotherapy.

Evening talks 7-9pm at The Koorana Centre, Street Lane, Ardingly.

Dates for 2019 are below, Tickets need to be purchased in advance at EventBrite, then search under the talk title:

Improving Sleep

Tue 21 May or Wed 29 May, or Tue 15 Oct or Wed 23 Oct

We spend up to a third of our lives doing it!   The impact of poor sleep on work performance and our relationships comes at a high price for our economy, community safety and individual happiness.


  • The impact of emotions on our quality of sleep
  • Harnessing nature’s rhythms
  • Preparation for a good night’s sleep

Managing Anxiety

Tue 11 June or Wed 19 June, or Tue 10 Sept or Wed 18 Sept, or Tue 12 Nov or Wed 20 Nov

Giving you an understanding of the importance of anxiety and how

to keep it in proportion in today’s stressful times. Learn two

fundamental tools that can help you or your family members,

coping with high anxiety levels, to live more effectively.


  • Calming the body- calming the mind
  • Where is your focus? What is it’s impact?
  • Getting back to basics


Understanding Men

Tue 16 July or Wed 24 July

A two-hour interactive talk where you will leave with insights, practical tips and perhaps having enjoyed the process of

understanding the men in your life in a more helpful way.


  • Physiological differences (apart from genitals!)
  • Emotional needs and their importance
  • Communication differences