In 2008 I came across the Human Givens approach in my search to find the most effective ways in which to support and work with people who were in difficulties. It made sense, I could see how it would help many of the people that I had worked with in the past and most importantly those I currently worked with. At the time I was managing a project working with people affected by homelessness and I wanted the very best service for them, to ensure their sustained movement into independent living.

The understanding, skills and tools I have gained through the Human Givens training has been really useful both in my own life and my work with clients. Seeing the direct benefits for my clients, is what drives my work. Human Givens is a very practical approach to therapy which aims to put people back in control of their lives as quickly as possible by helping them think about their difficulties in new and more empowering ways.

My approach is practical and collaborative, working together for the best results, it uses assessment tools so that progress is measurable and is cost effective, using as few sessions as possible.  In a therapy session, there is no expectation for clients to talk about previous bad experience – research shows this can make the situation worse. If there is trauma present it can be relieved very quickly (often within one session). My aim is to help the client to move forward into positive experiences immediately.