What to expect once booked

I will ask you to complete a registration form and some assessment questionnaires at the first session, and this first session will be longer because of this. We will spend some of the session finding out exactly what has been happening. This does not require lengthy investigation of your past. Instead we will look at whatever it is that is not going right for you in your life today, as well as what IS going right. Together we will devise strategies to assist you in making the changes that you want to see.

Building upon your strengths and personal resources, I may then employ guided imagery to allow you to mentally rehearse the skills and actions that will allow you to achieve your goal. I will enable you to understand what is happening when you feel distressed and provide you with practical tools, as well as solution focused therapy, to help you feel better fast. Most difficulties can be resolved within a few sessions.

Payment is taken at the end of each session, by cash, cheque or, if arranged beforehand, by bank transfer.

Please be aware that a charge is made for all missed appointments.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are charged at the full rate

Outcome Measures and Evidence Based Practice

We use recognised outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of our therapy. This will help both you and the therapist keep track of your progress

Feel Better Fast…