Most people can be helped in 4 to 6 sessions although some people need only one or two and others with more complex difficulties may require more. The aim is to help you in as few sessions as possible.

I measure progress at every session and tailor the therapy to the unique needs and characteristics of each individual.

Therapy sessions last betweeen 90 – 120 minutes and the aim is to ensure you feel better before you leave.

Individual sessions cost £75. The initial assessment session is for up to two hours and costs £90. There are concessions available for those on income support.

Couple sessions cost £125 for an hour and a half. An initial assessment session may be held as a couple or seperately as individuals, the costs for a couples initial assessment session is £150. If individual initial sessions are chosen then see Individual session payments.

I use recognised outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy. This will help both of us keep track of your progress.

An initial no charge 20 minute phone call is available, which can be arranged by calling 01342 442 305, texting 07801230935 or emailing if you prefer.

Therapy sessions take place in The Garden Therapy room in West Hoathly or at Hove Therapy Rooms in Brighton & Hove and . I can travel to clients homes in certain circumstances and there can be additional travel expenses charged in these cases.

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