“I look back on what you did for me often. I know we worked together in order to make me feel better but you have no idea of the impact you have had on turning my life around and making me realise there is life outside of PTSD. I have become the person I always was and will forever be thankful to you for your help, understanding and therapy.  I tried to find help many times before I met you, and no one ever managed to get close to what you did.” Ms S (5 sessions)

“Couldn’t thank Bunty enough for listening, engaging and empathising. She has not just addressed my PTSD but has given me so many new skills to move forward to a new happy life.” Ms L (6 sessions)

“I can’t recommend Bunty and Human Givens enough. After just 3 sessions with Bunty, I feel I have my confidence back, have more energy and anxieties are much more controlled. Bunty is warm, friendly and genuinely cares.  With a greater general awareness of mental health than ever before, if you have issues or are suffering then know there’s help out there and you should truly consider Human Givens.” Mr L (3 sessions)

“I found my sessions with Bunty so helpful. They made me feel more grounded, positive and gave me valuable coping mechanisms. One thing that made a difference for me was having the rewind and the fact that I felt Bunty really understood my situation.” Ms M (6 sessions)

“It has been years of trying to manage depression, the trauma at the root has been de-activated and things are steadily improving now. I’m now back at work. Thank you” Mr B (6 sessions)

“Bunty has encouraged and enabled me to see the light in the dark. Obstacles have been re-framed and what was previously unmanageable has become manageable.   Working with Bunty is a gift to your self.”
Ms S (3 sessions)

“I unreservedly trust Bunty with my heart and soul, she feeds back to me complete compassion and full understanding of what I have presented her with. She takes out the drama, right sizes things and makes what was insurmountable either disappear or seem quite cope-able with.”
Mrs F(3 sessions)

“I felt that each session with Bunty was taylor-made, she understood what was happening in my life, it gave me hope. I now understand why I was feeling so depressed and not sleeping well, I can now avoid the same pitfalls in the future. Brilliant.”  Mr D. (5 sessions)

“Bunty gave me her complete focus and this created a safe space for me to relax and let go of anxiety. The guided meditations I found particularly helpful, they reminded me that I have a joy-full state within, a profound resource of strength and contentment that I can always go to when needed. Thanks to the sessions with Bunty I felt I ‘restored’ some of the best of myself, and this makes me smile a lot.”
Ms L (2 sessions)

”It’s so easy to feel relaxed in the company of Bunty and the therapy. I felt that I could be completely honest and didn’t worry that I would be judged. I now feel much happier that what I ‘need’ to be content is not wrong, excessive or unachievable.”
Ms L.Z (4 sessions)

“ I found the experience very helpful, particularly the rewind technique, I would recommend Bunty to others.”

Ms S (4 sessions)

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